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  • What does your clinic specialize in?
    Dr. So is an Internal Medicine specialist who manages a wide range of illnesses through diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, hypertension, heart disease, and a variety of other conditions are examples. We also place a strong emphasis on disease prevention, including immunization, cancer screening, and other disease screening as needed. Trying to catch the disease before it develops is our top priority.
  • What kind of patients do you work with?
    We serve all adult patients over the age of 18. For Caloptima/Medi-Cal, we serve patients over the age of 21.
  • What languages are spoken by your staff and doctor?
    The doctor and the staff members are fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
  • What insurance do you accept?
    We take Medicare Advantage HMO managed care, most major commercial PPO, HMO plans and more. Please visit "Insurance" page for details. While we try our best to perform a preliminary eligibility check, the final decision in regards to service coverage will be determined by your health plan after a claim is finalized. To ensure that the service is covered, patients must contact their own insurance health plan prior to the office visit for the most accurate coverage information. If a claim is subsequently denied by a health plan, patients may need to pay out of pocket for the services received.
  • What if I have no insurance?
    Uninsured patients are seen with the following costs up front: Each patient visit: $200 Laboratories and imaging are extra costs, but they would be negotiated and discounted by the facilities. Please let us know if you are having significant financial difficulties. We'd make every effort to accommodate you.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    You may conveniently book online by clicking here. Once you have picked a date and time, our team will contact you either by email or phone to confirm your appointment. Alternatively, you may also call 949-273-2888 and our team would be happy to assist you.
  • Can I just walk in?
    Yes, we do accept walk-in patients in most cases. We would need to accommodate other patients with scheduled appointments before seeing walk-in patients. During the day, there may be a waiting period. Please call our office ahead of time to get an idea of our daily schedule.
  • Do you offer visit over the phone/video?
    Yes, for your convenience, we provide telemedicine visits via phone or video. For new patients or when physical exams are required, however, we offer only in-person visits.
  • How much earlier should I show up for an appointment?
    New patients should arrive 20 minutes before their appointment, and established patients should arrive 15 minutes before their appointment. The reason for this is that the check-in process can take some time (filling out forms, checking insurance eligibility, making payments, and so on), and we'd like to see you as soon as possible. Please note, we are open at 9am. We are also closed from 12pm to 1pm for lunch.
  • How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?
    Things change and we understand. If you are unable to make it to an appointment, simply call/text/email us to reschedule at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. That way, we can free up the time slot for other patients who need to be seen. Please note, a cancellation/rescheduling fee applies for any changes of an appointment within 24 hours prior to the appointment time.
  • What forms of payment do you take?
    We take credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay. We also take debit cards, cash, personal checks, and venmo.
  • What if I need subspecialty care?
    We will assess your medical conditions and make the best recommendation for you. After your visit with us, if necessary, we will assist you in submitting a referral to a subspecialist.
  • Do you provide vaccines in the clinic?
    To ensure your safety, we thoroughly examine your medical history before recommending certain vaccines. However, we do not offer vaccination at the clinic at this time. We'll write you a prescription for vaccines that you can get in another location such as a local pharmacy.
  • How do I request my medical record to be sent to another provider?
    Please contact us or come to our clinic. We'll have you fill out a "Medical Record Release Authorization FROM Synergy Primary Care" form, which you can also download here. Once you've completed it, you've given us permission to send the medical record, which we'll process as soon as possible.
  • How do I obtain my medical records?
    We encourage you to use our patient portal, which will allow you to view some of your medical records. You can also contact us to have medical records faxed or printed for you. For printed documents, there may be additional charges.
  • Do you offer medication refills over the phone?
    It is determined by the type of medication. Some medications, such as narcotics, opioids, anxiety medications, muscle relaxants, and other DEA-regulated medications, cannot be refilled over the phone. Because these drugs have significantly more side effects and addictive properties, they necessitate much more intensive monitoring. In order to promote your safety, we may only refill them during your in-person visit. Regular follow up visits are needed for medication refills in order to allow monitoring for safety and efficacy. Typically, patients are required to be seen every 1-6 months for any uncontrolled medications, depending on the medical conditions. For controlled substances, follow up visits are required every 1-3 months. Medications will not be refilled if the recommended follow up visits are not attended.
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